BallisticNG Wiki

The following is a list of achievements for BallisticNG. There are 33 achievements in the game.

List of achievements[]

Icon Name Description
A Need For Speed.jpg A Need For Speed Deplete your shield energy from 100% to 25% by using the afterburner without taking any damage.
Award for Participation.jpg Award for Participation
BallisticNG (Achievement).jpg BallisticNG [Secret achievement.]
Ballistic Champion.jpg Ballistic Champion Complete the BallisticNG singleplayer.
Ballistic Master.jpg Ballistic Master Complete the Barracuda Challenge.
Can't Touch This.jpg Can't Touch This Reach Zone 75 in Survival mode without taking any damage.
Community Loyalty.jpg Community Loyalty Race as a custom ship 250 times.
Competitive Market.jpg Competitive Market [Secret achievement.]
Consolation Prize.jpg Consolation Prize Get eliminated.
Cool Club.jpg Cool Club
Crowd Pleaser.jpg Crowd Pleaser Eliminate 2 ships in a single race.
Cutting It Close.jpg Cutting It Close
Free Refill.jpg Free Refill Place mines while colliding with opponent mines.
Full Immersion.jpg Full Immersion
Happy Accident.jpg Happy Accident
Impurity.jpg Impurity Eliminate a GTek ship while playing as Tenrai.
Lightning Reflexes.jpg Lightning Reflexes Reach Zone 50 in Survival Mode.
Lock and Unload.jpg Lock and Unload
Lucky Shot.jpg Lucky Shot Destroy a total of 15 contenders with the plasma bolt.
Media Blackout.jpg Media Blackout Eliminate an Omnicom ship while playing as Diavolt.
Minesweeper.jpg Minesweeper Destroy 50 mines.
National Pride.jpg National Pride Eliminate a Diavolt ship while playing as Omnicom.
Perfectionist.jpg Perfectionist Complete 250 perfect laps.
Pilot Loyalty.jpg Pilot Loyalty Race as a standard team 250 times.
Purity of the Race.jpg Purity of the Race Complete 50 races with weapons turned off.
Racing Red.jpg Racing Red Eliminate a total of 50 contenders.
Reverse Blast.jpg Reverse Blast Eliminate a ship by firing a plasma bolt while facing the wrong way.
River Rapids.jpg River Rapids [Secret achievement.]
Socialist.jpg Socialist
Speed Demon.jpg Speed Demon Reach Zone 75 in Survival Mode.
Survivalist.jpg Survivalist Reach Zone 25 in Survival Mode without using the airbrakes.
Twitch King.jpg Twitch King Reach Zone 50 in Survival mode without taking any damage.
You're too Slow.jpg You're too Slow Lap the ship in last place.