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Piercing through a reactor core and tunneling through an industrial jungle, Russia's newest power plant pushes the efficiency of power production to an unprecedented high. Such a modern marvel goes unappreciated by the droves of spectators situated along these few miles of repurposed transportation tracks.

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The construction of Aciknovae was financed significantly by the Russian Government, who were eager to show off their country's newfound technological advancement on the world stage. However, the track's plan was met with numerous safety concerns. The AGL, undeterred by claims that firing live weapons right next to a running nuclear reactor might be a bad idea, agreed to give the track a spot in the league starting in the 2153 season. Thanks to trackside energy shielding, no damage has been caused to the track's surroundings, and Aciknovae now proudly serves as the home track of Diavolt.

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