Arrivon Falls

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Arrow arrivon falls
Render ArrivonFalls.png
Arrow details
Arrow difficulty medium
Arrow location carribean
Arrow forward conditions midday,clear
Arrow reverse conditions night, clear
Arrow location screenshot
Overview Drift4.png
Arrow menu description
Arrivon returns for the Model C league, this time crossing the jungle's biggest river with a triple waterfall.

Arrow Details

As opposition to the construction of race tracks on Arrivon dissipated after the completion of the island’s first two circuits, Barracuda seized the opportunity to partner with the local government and create a track for their new drift series. The Arrivon Falls drift circuit snakes its way behind a large waterfall and through dormant lava tubes, with the island’s volcano looming in the distance.

Arrow Trivia

  • The original iteration of the layout was designed for one of BallisticNGs precursor projects, AGR2280, by the voice actor for BallisticNGs welcome to intercom lines.
  • Arrivon Falls was originally planned to be added as a 2280 track for version 0.8 of the game. This version never left the layout creation stage as plans for 2280 content was cut before the 0.8 release.
  • The final Model C layout shares many key features of the previous layouts. A video of the track in AGR2280 can be found here and Radracer's restoration of the 0.8 layout can be downloaded from the workshop here.