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Arrow difficulty expert
Arrow location caribbean
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Sitting at the peak of Arrivons volcano is the AGLs most unsafe track yet. Officials have yet to decide if the layout or environment is the most hazardous.

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As the construction of Arrivon XI was plagued with issues due to large protests by environmentalists trying to protect Arrivon’s jungle, the AGL Commission decided to put Arrivon’s next track in a place where people would be physically unable to stop them: the top of the island’s active volcano. Ironically (or perhaps obviously), the change of setting ended up causing its own construction delays for the new track, because most construction equipment isn’t designed to operate mere meters away from smoldering magma. While in-person attendance numbers are understandably low, Arrivon Peak’s radically difficult layout and preposterous surroundings consistently bring in record-breaking numbers of remote viewers, even if the camera droids sometimes overheat and fall into the magma.