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Arrow arrivon xi
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Arrow details
Arrow difficulty hard
Arrow location carribean
Arrow forward conditions morning, rain
Arrow reverse conditions night, rain
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Overview ArrivonXI.png
Arrow menu description
Sprint through the newly founded tropical island of Arrivon, the Caribbean's latest holiday paradise quickly gaining popularity through its involvement in the AGL.

Arrow Details

Marred with problems throughout its entire lifespan, the construction of Arrivon XI was fueled equally by spite and massive funding from Arrivon’s government. What was once a quick way to bring more tourists to the artificial island became anything but quick after ten scrapped layouts and large protests by environmentalist groups bent on protecting Arrivon’s jungle at all costs. In a move motivated by pure enmity for the increasingly belligerent environmentalists, the track was hastily constructed in secret using wood sourced through deforestation of a section of Arrivon’s jungle.

Arrow Trivia

  • An unused Arrivon XI layout was used in early versions of the games Unity Tools to provide the example track scene.
  • Arrivon XI was originally released as a free track expansion alongside Nova Split to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Wipeout 2097/XL and was made as a reference to Valparaiso. It was later remade and introduced to the game for the 1.0 release.