SquareArrowMotif.png atlantica
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SquareArrowMotif.png difficulty hard
SquareArrowMotif.png location portugal
SquareArrowMotif.png forward conditions midday, clear
SquareArrowMotif.png reverse conditions sunset, clear
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Breeze through the scorching sands of the Atlantic Ocean. Atlantica is now officially open for lower profile race events.

SquareArrowMotif.png Details

The Atlantica circuit was initially scheduled to enter the AGL in 2144. After construction finished, however, the track was considered too unwieldy for AGL craft and it lacked compliance with revised track facility standards. These factors meant that it wouldn't be introduced to the league as intended. Years later, new funding and a thorough redesign of the layout finally brought the venue a spot in the upcoming 2159 AGL season. Already popular with local and international amateur racers, Atlantica is poised to become an iconic track in the league.

SquareArrowMotif.png Trivia

  • Atlantica started as a concept track for SlipstreamGX. While it never made it into SlipstreamGX, it was later refined and added to BallisticNG.
  • The original Atlantica was removed from the game in 0.8.2 as it was one of a few tracks not updated to the games TRM track format, on top of it being way too difficult. The version currently in the game was added for the 1.0 release.
  • Atlantica was the last track to be made using the legacy per-segment layout creator.
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