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Arrow autopilot
Icon Autopilot.png
Arrow details
Arrow weapon type defensive
Arrow available for player only
Arrow game modes Race
Rush Hour
Arrow weapon damage
Arrow base damage 0 shield
Arrow weapon slowdown
Arrow engine force N/A
Arrow engine power N/A
Arrow acceleration N/A
Arrow velocity N/A
Arrow extra information
Arrow eliminator pts N/A
Arrow pickup rate 50
Arrow weapon showcase
Arrow weapon overview
Upon activation the Autopilot Pickup will temporarily control the pilot's craft without any input, as well as protecting it from incoming slowdown for a short period.

Arrow weapon description

The Autopilot is a Pickup that, when activated, takes control of the user's craft, automatically steering it through any series of turns for up to 10 seconds, dependent on conditions. The initial activation period will encase the craft in a weaker, more transparent variant of the Shield Pickup. After 5 seconds pass the Autopilot and its shield will automatically disengage unless the craft is still in the process of turning, in which case the automatic steering effect carries on for another 5 seconds.

Arrow weapon history

In earlier game versions the Autopilot would carry on indefinitely as long as the user's craft was still considered "Turning".

Arrow weapon trivia

The Autopilot is capable of clearing the most extreme of turns with relative ease, with an extreme example being Hydrome Bed's drop-turn.

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