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Arrow caldera
Render Caldera.png
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Arrow difficulty medium
Arrow location mars
Arrow forward conditions afternoon, clear
Arrow reverse conditions dusk, clear
Arrow location screenshot
Overview Caldera Forward.png
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The plans to make mars habitable are well underway with the Martian habitat project. This giant biodome offers a breathable living space and sets the standard for the first generation of extra-terrestrial colonization.

Arrow History

Arrow Trivia

  • Caldera is the only Outer Reaches track to use the loudspeaker welcome to intercom style.
  • The skybox for this track was created using Space Engine. The real Mars wasn't used as a reference however as even the HD textures didn't provide enough terrain detail. A mars look-alike planet was instead used, with post image editing done to remove additional suns visible in the sky.
  • The gravity physics stat used on the track is accurate to the difference in gravity between Earth and Mars in real life (38% of Earth's gravity).