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Arrow cannon
Icon Cannon.png
Arrow details
Arrow weapon type projectile
Arrow available for everyone
Arrow game modes Race
Arrow weapon damage
Arrow base damage 0.8% shield
Arrow weapon slowdown
Arrow engine force 10.28%
Arrow engine power 10.28%
Arrow acceleration 10.28%
Arrow velocity 0.96%
Arrow extra information
Arrow eliminator pts 0.15
Arrow pickup rate 95
Arrow weapon showcase
Arrow weapon overview
The Cannon pickup while fired will discharge up to 30 bullets at varying speeds, depending on the user's ship. While the bullets deliver little damage to opposing craft, a barrage of them may cause heavy slowdown.

Arrow weapon description

The Cannons are a pickup that discharges bursts of bullets, with a total ammo count of 30. The Cannons projectiles have a high speed and range, being able to hit opposing craft across long straights of track. Fire Rate and Damage are dependant on the user's ships Weapon Damage Multiplier, and decreases in speed the higher the damage is. Generally the Cannon is better suited for slowing down opponents, than it is to destroy them, making it more of a situational, user skill dependant weapon.

Arrow weapon history

Arrow weapon trivia

During development the Cannons were generally considered overpowered, being able to stop a ship dead in its tracks with a mere 3 hits. This was later changed after AI were allowed to pick up Cannons. A similar change to the slowdown strength was made once weapons were made functional in Multiplayer Races.

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