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Fight it out with an infinite supply of weapons. Deal damage to opponents to score points and be the first to the target score.

-Regenerate shield energy by completing a lap

-Drop weapons to activate a brief shield

-Use afterburner to perform a combat spin, double tap to boost out of it.

-Ship collisions are disabled

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The objective of Eliminator mode is to be the first to reach a predetermined point total (between 350 and 800) across an unlimited number of laps. Points are scored by dealing damage to opponents, more points are scored for higher damage, and 20 extra points are awarded for eliminations. Completing a lap earns 5 points and also replenishes some shield energy. Eliminated pilots come right back to the race where they left off, but lose 20 points.

Pitlanes are deactivated and weapon pads are always active to encourage more weapon fire and eliminations. Defensive weapons like Autopilot and Shield are unavailable, but pilots can generate a quick shield in times of need by dropping their weapon.

Combat spins also replace the afterburner in this mode - tap the afterburner key to quickly rotate 180 degrees and fire on ships behind you. Double tap it to do the same thing but get a speed boost while doing it.