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Arrow energy pack
Icon Emergency Pack.png
Arrow details
Arrow weapon type defensive
Arrow available for player only
Arrow game modes Race
Arrow weapon damage
Arrow base damage 0 shield
Arrow weapon slowdown
Arrow engine force N/A
Arrow engine power N/A
Arrow acceleration N/A
Arrow velocity N/A
Arrow extra information
Arrow eliminator pts N/A
Arrow pickup rate 80
Arrow weapon showcase
Arrow weapon overview
When used, the E-Pack pickup will regenerate a low energy craft's shield by a small margin.

Arrow weapon description

The E-Pack is a Pickup that upon activation regenerates 25 points of the users shield energy. It only appears if a pilots shield energy is below 25% capacity and no E-Pack's have been activated by them within the curren't lap.

Arrow weapon history

Throughout the game's development the E-Pack has received many changes to its Pickup Rate, Spawn Conditions and effectiveness

Before the Game's 1.0 release the E-Pack and Transfer beam would appear together in the weapon roster, with the prior only appearing if the pilot was in first place. Eventually the E-Pack replaced the Transfer beam altogether.

Arrow weapon trivia

In the past the E-Pack was almost impossible to acquire due to an issue with the code, checking wether the Player was in the first lap, instead of first place.

Arrow weapon gallery