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Arrow europa
Render Europa.png
Arrow details
Arrow difficulty hard
Arrow location jupiter's orbit
Arrow forward conditions near-vacuum
Arrow reverse conditions near-vacuum
Arrow location screenshot
Overview Europa.png
Arrow menu description
What started as a mission to mine and analyse the rock of Europa turned into a brand new investment to the AGL and the perfect opportunity for G-Tek to unveil their next generation AG engine units.

Arrow Details

As humanity expanded into the solar system, Jupiter’s moon Europa was given special priority due to the possibility of precious resources or even microbial life under its surface. After several mining colonies gained a foothold on the moon, the AGL took interest in it as the low gravity and thin atmosphere of Europa presented a perfect environment to unveil G-Tek's next-generation AG Units and announce the new Outer Reaches track series.

Arrow Trivia

  • Europa was made to tease the theme of the games 2nd expansion and is the first track in the game to use the floorhugger physics mode.