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{{Infobox Team|TEAMNAME=g-tek|IMAGE=Logo_G-Tek.png|MOTTO=''The Only Way Is Up''|FULLNAME=Gravity Technologies|NATIONALITY=Yokohama, Japan|FOUNDED=2116|ACTIVE=2144-Current|LEAGUE1=[[AGL 2159]]|LEAGUE2=|LEAGUE3=|PILOT1=[JP][[Yuka Ishino]]|PILOT2=[JP][[Ren Ueno]]|PERSON1=[JP][[Kenta Iwazaki]][CEO]|PERSON2=[JP][[Tomoya Yamada]]|PERSON3=|PERSON4=|SHIP1=[[g-tek r34]]|SHIP2=|SHIP3=|SHIP4=|SHIP5=|OTHER1=[[g-tek r33]]|OTHER2=|OTHER3=}}
{{Infobox Team|TEAMNAME=g-tek|IMAGE=Logo_G-Tek.png|MOTTO=''The Only Way Is Up''|FULLNAME=Gravity Technologies|NATIONALITY=Yokohama, Japan|FOUNDED=2116|ACTIVE=2144-Current|LEAGUE1=[[AGL 2159]]|LEAGUE2=|LEAGUE3=|PILOT1=[JP][[Yuka Ishino]]|PILOT2=[JP][[Ren Kozuki]]|PERSON1=[JP][[Kenta Iwazaki]][CEO]|PERSON2=[JP][[Tomoya Yamada]]|PERSON3=|PERSON4=|SHIP1=[[g-tek r34]]|SHIP2=|SHIP3=|SHIP4=|SHIP5=|OTHER1=[[g-tek r33]]|OTHER2=|OTHER3=}}
{{HeaderNormal|HEADER=team description}}
{{HeaderNormal|HEADER=team description}}

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Arrow g-tek
Logo G-Tek.png
The Only Way Is Up
Arrow basic info
Arrow full name Gravity Technologies
Arrow location Yokohama, Japan
Arrow year founded 2116
Arrow ships g-tek r34

Arrow founder founder
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Arrow team description

G-Tek are a japanese R&D company established in 2116 specialising in the development of Anti-Gravity Technology. Their 2159 R34 model is an entry level ship with poor top speeds but impressive handling.

Arrow team overview

Founded in 2116 by Japanese researcher Tomoya Yamada and business student Kenta Iwazaki, Gravity Technologies (GTek for short) is the company behind the first ever anti-gravity device, pioneers of both AG technology and, sometime later, AG racing.

Going from visionaries chasing investors to established research team securing funds from none other than the Japanese government, GTek's plethora of experiments - iterating their base design into whatever they could think of - would lead them down the path of motorsports, opening a dedicated division in 2125: the Salzburg-based "GTek Nexus".

Taking note of both a surge in popularity of AG racing and the promising results of GTek Nexus' NX Initiative, the two heads of GTek proper decided it was time to centralize the upcoming sport under GTek's banner, providing both a solid foundation for its future growth and ever-valuable additional revenue.

So, continuing their streak of pioneering achievements, GTek would also found the AGL in 2140, announcing its own separate racing team (thus making Nexus a separate entity) and regulation-standard competition craft: the now-iconic R34.

Arrow team background

Gravity Technologies was founded in 2116 by Japanese researcher Tomoya Yamada and business student Kenta Iwazaki to pursue development in the application of anti-gravity engineering. The company struggled in its beginning in its attempts to convince potential investors to support their efforts but G-Tek managed to produce a working device beyond crude prototypes three years later. Making this feat public, they were able to finally attract the interest they needed to forward their research and expand. Following this, G-Tek would grow to become an important pioneer in the field, iterating on the design and applying it to various purposes. The world would begin to experiment with incorporating it into whatever they could, and the grow in demand would further fuel G-Tek’s own ambitions. Before long, G-Tek would secure government funding from Japan and Europe to help support ongoing research.

After a few years, the technology that G-Tek delivered to the world would catch on, sparking more companies to form and try to capitalise on it. Because AG tech was rapidly being adopted in motorsport, Iwazaki saw an opportunity to help lead progress there. He formed a racing developments division called G-Tek Nexus in 2125 and based it in Europe so that talent there would send the world into a new era. With racing research made the responsibility of a separate division, G-Tek in Japan began to focus on improving the technology for other purposes. They also branched out into manufacturing technology and products relating to the anti-gravity automotive field. Taking note of the growth of AG racing thanks to various attempts at evolving existing leagues and creating volatile leagues, and the efforts in Europe, both Yamada and Iwazaki agreed to bear the responsibility as the leaders of G-Tek to centralise racing with their technology. In 2139, G-Tek made their move to form an official racing team and began development on their own racing craft. At G-Tek’s annual technology expo in 2140, Iwazaki announced the formation of the Anti Gravity League and made an open invitation to corporations to participate. G-Tek Nexus was made into an independent entity in Europe following this as G-Tek focused on racing developments at its Yokohama headquarters.

By the time of the first season of the Anti Gravity League, G-Tek had established its position of dominance in the race Commission, and begun its rivalry with Barracuda Corporation over contributions and creating standards for the AGL to abide by. G-Tek cooperated with Diavolt Engineering in the early 2150s to introduce and standardise combat to the race league through the BallisticNG Initiative. Motivated by the desire to evolve the sport further for a new era of excitement and add more depth to events, the AGL transformed into a new beast, offending some teams and groups who had respected the pure form of racing. As the popularity of the AGL exploded over the next few years, G-Tek began to feel the challenge of regulating their creation with the introduction of new competitors and the behaviour of current participants. Barracuda would storm the league after public suspicions over their actions could no longer be ignored by the Commission. Caliburn would be suspended under direct influence of G-Tek for their use of experimental stabilisation technology that G-Tek had felt the team was using to specifically taunt them. Because of the problems caused by this, Caliburn’s expulsion was only temporary. Caliburn however, would make an enemy of G-Tek upon their return to the AGL due to this treatment.

Today, G-Tek remains one of the more popular teams due to their role as an antigravity pioneer and their beloved pilots. Though they may no longer be the envy of motorsport, their presence and guidance are seen as the very backbone on which the AGL stands.

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