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{{Infobox Track|TRACKNAME=harpstone|DIFFICULTY=easy|LOCATION=greenland|WEATHER=snowy|FORWARDCONDITIONS=midday, snow|IMAGE=Render_Harpstone.png|REVERSECONDITIONS=night, snow}}
{{Infobox Track|TRACKNAME=harpstone|DIFFICULTY=novice|LOCATION=greenland|WEATHER=snowy|TIMEOFDAY=time-of-day|IMAGE=Render_Harpstone.png}}
Built around [[Omnicom]]’s broadcasting center in Greenland, '''Harpstone''' is one of the coldest and most secluded venues in the [[Anti Gravity League|AGL]]. In its early years, every race held there was met with concerns of mechanical failure due to the frigid temperatures, and viewers frequently complained about transportation issues. While these problems have since been solved, the track still has a reputation for such incidents.
{{HeaderNormal|HEADER=track evolution}}
{{HeaderNormal|HEADER=track evolution}}
[[File:Harpstone 3.png|left|frameless]]
First featured in version 0.3, '''Harpstone''' started out as a small Figure-Eight track with an overpass. Back then set at a relay station on near the south pole it was surrounded by tall icy cliffs and huge white towers.
A playable build of this version of '''Harpstone''' is available on the [ Steam Workshop].
[[File:Harpstone 5 Easy.png|left|frameless]]
Version 0.5's iteration of '''Harpstone''' is unique in the sense that it had 2 different layouts with varying difficulty in the same build of the game.The easy layout passes through an icy cave and features long-winded tilted turns, while the hard layout has a myriad of chicanes, rapid height changes and a long S-Turn. It's scenery still consists of ice cliffs but now also features tall high voltage pylons towering above the entire track.
Playable builds of the [ easy] and [ hard] layouts of this version of '''Harpstone''' are available on the Steam Workshop.
[[File:Harpstone 9.png|left|frameless]]
0.6 and 0.9's version of '''Harpstone''' use the same layout as the current version. 0.6 relocates the track to Greenland, the scenery is far more open than the older ones and features vast ice-scapes and a giant building complex. The 0.9 update only featured minor scenery updates, updates to the texture atlas, lighting changes and a rebranding of [[Omnicom]].
A playable build of [ 0.6's] and [ 0.9's] versions of '''Harpstone''' are available on the Steam Workshop.
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