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Arrow helios descent
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Arrow difficulty hard
Arrow location mercury
Arrow forward conditions evening, clear
Arrow reverse conditions evening, clear
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Building on the foundation of a previously banned weapon, Helios Descent showcases the return of teleportation technology in this looping point to point circuit descending down the Helios Solar Farm.

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The possibility of solar energy production was the main drive for the exploration of Mercury, and the Helios Solar Farm was one of the first colonies established there. Although more efficient power stations have since been constructed in solar orbit, the farm at Helios is still operational, providing data on the composition and conditions of Mercury’s surface in addition to contributing to the power supply. The track is designed to showcase the AGL’s new track teleporters, which Ethereal Dynamics engineered using adapted technology from their ill-fated Wormhole pickup. The layout features a long near-vertical path down the mountain and a teleporter to take competitors back to the top at the end of each lap.

Arrow Trivia

  • The skybox for this track was created using Space Engine
  • With a daytime temperature of 430 degrees Celsius, (800 degrees Fahrenheit) Helios Descent is by far the hottest track in the game.