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Arrow Hunter
Icon Hunter.png
Arrow details
Arrow weapon type homing
Arrow available for player only
Arrow game modes Race
Arrow weapon damage
Arrow base damage 30% shield
Arrow weapon slowdown
Arrow engine force 40%
Arrow engine power 40%
Arrow acceleration 40%
Arrow velocity 90%
Arrow extra information
Arrow eliminator pts 0.5
Arrow pickup rate 40
Arrow weapon showcase
Arrow weapon overview
The Hunter is a weapon that fires a singular invincible homing missile that seeks out the craft in first place.

Arrow weapon description

The Hunter is a pickup that when fired launches an automatically tracking, indestructible missile that seeks out the craft in first place. Unlike the Missile, the Hunter will follow the center of the track, take split routes and not interact with track geometry.

Arrow weapon history

Arrow weapon trivia

Only a single Hunter can exist at a time, preventing further pickups if one is being held or currently in the air.

The Hunter cannot be picked up while in first place. It can be fired while in first place however, resulting in the missile immediately targeting its user.

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