SquareArrowMotif.png ishtar citadel
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SquareArrowMotif.png details
SquareArrowMotif.png difficulty medium
SquareArrowMotif.png location tokyo, japan
SquareArrowMotif.png forward conditions night, clear
SquareArrowMotif.png reverse conditions midday, clear
SquareArrowMotif.png location screenshot
SquareArrowMotif.png menu description
Experience the true sense of anti-gravity among the citadel towers of Ishtar. Weaving through the monolithic neon spires lays chicanes suspended above the clouds hidden to the anticipated Tokyo populous below.

SquareArrowMotif.png Details

Along with Cassandra, Ishtar Citadel was one of the first purpose-built AG racing tracks. Since its league introduction in 2144, the track has gained infamy for several major reconstructions of the entire venue, some definitely more popular than others. The (currently) final form of Ishtar has been in use since 2153 and is commonly regarded as the best iteration of the circuit.

SquareArrowMotif.png Track Evolution

Having undergone more fundamental changes both in layout and its general design than any other Circuit in the development stages of BallisticNG (with only perhaps Utah Project rivaling due to similar layout change count), Ishtar Citadel has quite a lot of diverse material regarding its development history, ranging from an American setting located where both the Original World Trade Center Towers and the One World Trade Center used to be, to a layout that would have made use of Maglocks for Classic Physics, to a Japanese setting featuring neon-lit buildings and a Cat statue situated above a tall tunnel.

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