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Arrow difficulty hard
Arrow location kuiper belt
Arrow forward conditions vacuum
Arrow reverse conditions vacuum
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Fly around asteroid debris in the Kuiper Belt with this completely zero gravity circuit, built for pilots with strong stomachs and a lust for something a bit crazy.

Arrow Details

The Kuiper Belt, a massive ring of asteroids and dwarf planets beyond the orbit of Neptune, was one of the last areas of the solar system to be explored. When surveying missions confirmed the presence of rare minerals not present in the already-settled Asteroid Belt, space-mining companies scrambled to establish themselves in the region, using the local dwarf planets Pluto and Eris as jumping-off points. Throughout recent decades, numerous large asteroids have been blown apart and mined in the region, leaving clusters of broken fragments in their wake. One such cluster was conspicuously purchased by the AGL before the announcement of the Outer Reaches track series. Seeking to capitalize on the growing popularity of spacecraft racing, the AGL used the cluster to create a radical new type of circuit, where pilots navigate the vacuum of space guided by a set of holographic trails in lieu of a physical track surface.

Arrow Trivia

  • The physics modification zones added in 1.1's release cycle were implemented in preparation for this track.
  • Much of the game's code involving track data had to be updated or rewritten to enable smooth free flight on this track.
  • Kuiper Overturn was the first Outer Reaches layout made to test out the engine changes. This layout, however, wasn't used as it was much more technical to navigate.
  • The original concept would have had the player racing inside of a force field tube. When production of the final version started, the concept was scrapped in favour of a much more open space.
  • The track was originally going to have 6 degrees of freedom with the player having to manage their roll to stay aligned with the tracks rotation. However it was decided to not do this so airbrakes could still be used, keeping the track mechanically in line with the rest of the game. A later prototype of what this might have played like can be viewed here
  • The skybox for this track was created using Space Engine