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Arrow difficulty hard
Arrow location shanghai, china
Arrow forward conditions midday, clear
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Shanghai's Central Greenland Park has a new attraction on offer. The latest and greatest in their new lineup of death traps leaves the population hungry for more.

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Plans for a race track in Shanghai’s Lujiazui Park were drawn up as early as 2151, when a group of Chinese investors noted the success of Chicago’s Nova Park circuit and decided to copy the idea of a track in a city park. Despite the overly-optimistic press conferences and decently large support from the public, no actual construction was done for several years. The government of Shanghai would only let construction commence once the track was guaranteed a spot on the AGL calendar, but talks with the league were fruitless. Frustrated that the idea for their iconic home track had been copied, Omnicom had convinced the AGL commission to break off negotiations shortly after they began. After this, the project would struggle for a few years until initial tests proved the viability of The Barracuda Model B. Despite the fact that Shanghai already had a Model B circuit in the form of Underpass, successful talks with Barracuda and the city government allowed Lujiazui Park to be redesigned and entered into Barracuda’s new Drag Racing Series.

Arrow Trivia

  • Despite being located in China, the Torii Gates on Lujiazui Park are of Japanese design.