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Arrow difficulty hard
Arrow location vega city
Arrow forward conditions night, clear
Arrow reverse conditions afternoon, clear
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Transit through the redundant lines of Vega City's metro system with this hybrid circuit still under heavy construction.

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Dating back to the mid-21st century, Vega City’s once-extensive subway system has gradually become redundant due to recent advances in transportation technology. However, interest in the subway was rekindled when a large swathe of the unused network was purchased by the AGL during the construction of Route 05. Situated directly below Route 05, Metro struggled to make it out of the design phase due to complications created by its confined environment. When a suitable design was finally submitted, the rest of the tracks in the city were nearing completion and there were 6 months left until all of them were scheduled to open. As a result of the delay, the construction was rushed and the circuit was only deemed safe for racing 2 weeks before its scheduled opening. As of now, certain areas of the track remain unfinished, with scaffolding still in place from the construction crews’ hasty cleanup. No work has been done for quite some time, leading some to question whether or not the AGL actually plans to finish the project.

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