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Arrow missile
Icon Missile.png
Arrow details
Arrow weapon type homing
Arrow available for everyone
Arrow game modes Race
Arrow weapon damage
Arrow base damage 30% shield
Arrow weapon slowdown
Arrow engine force 40%
Arrow engine power 40%
Arrow acceleration 40%
Arrow velocity 40%
Arrow extra information
Arrow eliminator pts 3.5
Arrow pickup rate 90
Arrow weapon showcase
Arrow weapon overview
The missile is a weapon that fires a singular guided projectile after a short targeting period. It can be used both on targets infront or behind the user and will home in on them with high precision.

Arrow weapon description

The Missile is a Pickup that fires a homing projectile at a locked on target. While its accuracy makes it fairly reliable, locking on takes a while and will be cancelled if the target goes out of range, though line of sight is not a factor. The Missile explodes upon contact with the Track enviroment. The Missile has alternate firing methods; It can be fired without a lock if no target is within range and can lock on to targets behind the user if the rear view is engaged.

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