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Return to Nova Park before it was torn to pieces with the official AGL virtual environment. While sharing many similarities with its real life counterpart, this simulated version of the circuit has a continuous surface as it was originally designed.

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The idea of holding AGL events entirely within a virtual environment dates back to 2155, with the success of Lance Systems's Precision Trials and Barracuda's Pilot Acclimatization Simulators. In 2158, the AGL decided that the Nova Park circuit was the best choice to test the viability of virtual racing because of its popularity before it was destroyed a year earlier. Barracuda’s virtual reality division was the first to be considered for the job, but the contract was ultimately given to Lance Systems because they offered a lower bid than the Korean giant. A new edition for the upcoming 2159 AGL season, the virtually recreated Nova Park is about to determine whether more virtual tracks show up in future AGL seasons.