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Arrow nova split
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Arrow difficulty hard
Arrow location nova park, chicago
Arrow forward conditions night, clear
Arrow reverse conditions morning, clear
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Expense, destruction and conspiracy. Nova Split is the result of all three. Torn apart by military grade weaponry as its true nature unfolded, the once Nova Park of Chicago lays in ruins from artificial seismic activity. An improvement considered by many.

Arrow Details

Funded by Omnicom and the Chicago government, the Nova Park circuit was created to give Omnicom a home track and improve Chicago’s reputation during the city’s recent period of economic resurgence. Entering the AGL in 2150, the new track quickly cemented itself as a favorite among fans and pilots alike due to its unique surroundings and sweeping corners. However, this reputation was not to last. On a normal Tuesday in 2157, the whole area was shaken by an apparent earthquake, causing severe damage to the track and surrounding park. Strangely, the rest of the city was left entirely untouched. An investigation uncovered evidence that an artificial seismic emitter was the cause. Omnicom, testing the seismic emitter used by their prototype Tremor weapon, had carelessly destroyed their own track. In an attempt to cover up the accident and avoid disastrous consequences, Omnicom's executives instructed their media outlets to shift the blame onto Diavolt, claiming that one of their heavily proliferated seismic emitters was responsible for the quake. They censored all attempted responses from the Russian weapons company, bombarding them with allegations to turn public opinion against them. Eager to hide their blunder, Omnicom hastily constructed the track we see today, renaming it Nova Split. While the park is quickly being rebuilt, Diavolt’s reputation remains tarnished and their resulting rivalry with Omnicom is one of the most prominent in AGL history.

Arrow Trivia

  • Nova Split was originally released as a free track expansion alongside Arrivon Xi to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Wipeout 2097/XL and was made as a reference to Spilskinanke. It was later remade and introduced to the game for the 1.0 release.
  • The original Nova Split was the first track in the game to be made with the in-game layout creator and use the TRM format.