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Arrow plasma
Icon Plasma.png
Arrow details
Arrow weapon type projectile
Arrow available for everyone
Arrow game modes Race
Arrow weapon damage
Arrow base damage 90% shield
Arrow weapon slowdown
Arrow engine force 80%
Arrow engine power 80%
Arrow acceleration 80%
Arrow velocity 80%
Arrow extra information
Arrow eliminator pts 10
Arrow pickup rate 45
Arrow weapon showcase
Arrow weapon overview
The Plasma pickup charges and then launches an unguided ball of energy infront of the user's craft. Should the Plasma come in contact with another ship, it will cause critical damage and slowdown to the receiving party, with high elimination potential.

Arrow weapon description

The Plasma is a Pickup that when fired, charges an energy ball for half of a second, then fires. If the projectile manages to hit another craft, it will deal significant damage and slow it to a near stop. In certain situations, depending on the user's weapon firepower, and the receivers shield power the Plasma has the potential to one-hit KO a ship at full shields. Due to the Plasma's relatively low pickup rate, and the precision required to accurately aim across larger distances, it is one of the hardest weapons to use in the game.

Arrow weapon history

Arrow weapon trivia

In versions before v1.0, the Plasma was a weapon with a one-hit KO guarantee upon hitting any ship, however the Plasma took a full second to charge up and was not affected by gravity, making it considerably harder to aim.

The Plasma, alongside the Tremor are the only Pickups with the ability to destroy Energy walls if they come into contact.

The Plasma can only be picked up by AI if the Difficulty is set to Elite or Hardcore.

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