SquareArrowMotif.png pocono circuit
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SquareArrowMotif.png difficulty easy
SquareArrowMotif.png location pocono mountains
SquareArrowMotif.png forward conditions midday, clear
SquareArrowMotif.png reverse conditions night, clear
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Introducing Barracuda's Model C league, this pleasant circuit running through the Pocono Mountains offers a great entry point for pilots looking to start drifting.

SquareArrowMotif.png Details

Completed in 2155, the Pocono Drift Circuit seeks to continue the 200 year old racing legacy of the Pocono Mountains into the future. After several attempts to gain the track a spot on the main AGL calendar failed due to the already large number of tracks in the United States, Pennsylvania was finally able to host international competition on their next-generation speedway through a spot in the new Barracuda Model C Drift series.

SquareArrowMotif.png Trivia

  • Pocono Circuit is based on a real-world track, Pocono Raceway.
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