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Arrow difficulty medium
Arrow location earth orbit
Arrow forward conditions vacuum
Arrow reverse conditions vacuum
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Zero gravity and half pipes await you in the Mars transportation hub of Port Ares, the second open space circuit seen in the AGL and the first real test of G-Teks new generation of AG technology capabilities.

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Port Ares is the largest orbital spaceport in the solar system and it was the first ever to be privately owned. Originally constructed by Orbitronix in the late 2070s in order to facilitate exploration and colonization on the moon and Mars, Port Ares gradually outgrew its contemporaries, becoming the solar system’s largest orbital structure in 2099. By 2120, it was also the first offworld colony to become completely self-sufficient, with living space and life support systems capable of comfortably sustaining 2,000 people indefinitely - though this number has since grown to well over 15,000. In 2157, a large asteroid passed close to Earth and at a low enough speed for it to be pulled via a tractor beam into orbit. After it was broken up and mined for minerals, the leftover fragments were moved to Port Ares, where they are now awaiting use in an upcoming expansion of the station. When the AGL began considering the idea of introducing more offworld tracks, Orbitronix volunteered Port Ares as a candidate. Since the station was already well-known among the AGL and its fans due to its large role in ferrying crews and spectators to Luna, Orbitronix’s proposal was accepted almost immediately.

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  • The skybox for this track was created using Space Engine