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Arrow difficulty medium
Arrow location planet 9
Arrow forward conditions evening, clear
Arrow reverse conditions evening, clear
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Take to the skies and fly and fly around the chilling climate monitoring station of the mysterious Planet 9. Smooth glides and vertigo await you in this low gravity thrill ride.

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The last of our solar system’s planets to be discovered and explored, the icy world simply named Planet 9 hosts several floating climate research stations, studying the strange weather patterns present in its upper atmosphere. Coming in at around 120 billion kilometers from Earth at the furthest point in its orbit, Planet 9 is by far the most remote location of any AGL circuit. Though such distances are made trivial by the latest advances in space travel, the presence of a race track on a planet whose existence was only proven a century ago perfectly illustrates humanity’s ever-accelerating march of progress.

Arrow Trivia

  • Project 9's layout is a remake of an Ishtar Citadel layout, titled Track09 at the time, that was briefly present for 0.6 development builds. You can download Radracer's restoration of the original track here
  • The skybox for this track was created using Space Engine. Bejeweled 2's backgrounds served as a large inspiration for the look and feel of it.