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Arrow difficulty easy
Arrow location antarctica
Arrow forward conditions midday, clear
Arrow reverse conditions night, snow
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Around Omnicom's polar communications relay loops a repurposed circuit that hasn't seen racing for several years. This simple figure of eight is a perfect circuit for Model B newcomers looking to build their steering skills.

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When the creation of the AGL was announced in 2140, Omnicom scrambled to construct a track to help them capitalize on the new opportunity posed by Anti Gravity technology. They decided that their track should be at one of their polar broadcasting centers in order to showcase their state-of-the-art broadcasting systems and give the track a unique icy environment that would make it memorable among fans. With a simple figure-eight layout around Omnicom’s broadcasting station in Antarctica, Relay was poised to become one of the first AGL courses to open. However, as more complex tracks like Ishtar Citadel and Omega Harbour were unveiled, the higher-ups at Omnicom began to desire a more interesting layout for their track. Additionally, transportation and logistics issues were a major concern due to the remote location of the new track. As a result of these factors, attention was turned toward the company’s less remote broadcasting center in Greenland, where the Harpstone circuit was constructed. Thus, Relay sat mostly unused for several years. When Barracuda announced the Model B league, Relay’s simple layout made it a good candidate for the new series. The track was reopened after major renovations to accommodate for the high speeds of drag racing and insure against any logistical problems.

Arrow Trivia

  • Relay is a remake of the original Harpstone. Radracer's restoration of the original track can be downloaded here.