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Arrow rockets
Icon Rockets.png
Arrow details
Arrow weapon type projectile
Arrow available for everyone
Arrow game modes Race
Arrow weapon damage
Arrow base damage 35% shield
Arrow weapon slowdown
Arrow engine force 40%
Arrow engine power 40%
Arrow acceleration 40%
Arrow velocity 30%
Arrow extra information
Arrow eliminator pts 3.5
Arrow pickup rate 100
Arrow weapon showcase
Arrow weapon overview
The Rockets pickup launches three unguided projectiles directly ahead of the user's ship. If all three rockets hit an opposing craft, they will cause heavy damage and slowdown, potentially resulting in an elimination.

Arrow weapon description

The Rockets are a Pickup that fires three projectiles in a small spread. While they do not home in on targets they are technically guided, as they follow the elevation of the Track. Each individual projectile is stronger than a single Missile and if all three projectiles hit the incoming damage will, with a very high chance, instantly eliminate any contender. This, combined with them being the most common pickup, causes the Rockets to be one of the most reliable and strongest weapons for beginner and expert pilots alike.

Arrow weapon history

Arrow weapon trivia

During the course of the game's development, the Rockets Pickup changed its projectile count from one centered rocket, to two slightly spread rockets, ultimately culminating in three spread projectiles that follow the Tracks undulation.

All of the Pickups iterations are usable with Codemods.

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