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Arrow shield
Icon Shield.png
Arrow details
Arrow weapon type defensive
Arrow available for player only
Arrow game modes Race
Arrow weapon damage
Arrow base damage 0 shield
Arrow weapon slowdown
Arrow engine force N/A
Arrow engine power N/A
Arrow acceleration N/A
Arrow velocity N/A
Arrow extra information
Arrow eliminator pts N/A
Arrow pickup rate 50
Arrow weapon showcase
Arrow weapon overview
When deployed, the shield pickup will render the user immune to any incoming damage or slowdown for a brief period of time. The shield will also automatically deploy if the user is hit.

Arrow weapon description

The Shield is a Pickup that, when used, deploys a protective energy bubble around the user's craft. This bubble will nullify any damage or slowdown caused by incoming weapons and reduce slowdown caused by track collisions. If a Shield is picked up, it will automatically deploy upon any weapon hits. While a shield is active, the user can collect other Pickups.

Arrow weapon history

In earlier versions of the game the Shield would not auto deploy upon contact with weapons, or allow other weapons to be picked up while in use.

Earlier in development, the Shield resembled a sphere that encapsulated the user's ship, rather than tightly wrapping around it.

Arrow weapon trivia

A weaker Shield that, while still preventing slowdown, doesn't nullify all damage is activated during usage of the Autopilot Pickup.

A shorter version of the Shield can be used in Eliminator mode by dropping a Pickup instead of firing it.

If Respawns are enabled, ships will be shortly protected by a grey Shield upon respawning after death.

Arrow weapon gallery