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Arrow surge
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Arrow difficulty easy
Arrow location switzerland
Arrow forward conditions night, storm
Arrow reverse conditions morning, storm
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Two weather tampering systems have left portions of the Swiss Alps in a constant electrical storm. Surge through the discharged valleys with this newcomer to the AGL, a perfect entry track for beginner pilots.

Arrow Details

In the world’s most affluent areas, weather tampering stations manipulate the weather to ensure calm conditions year-round and provide residents with scheduled rain and snow. The Surge circuit was built in one such area, nestled amongst the valleys of one of the most beautiful regions of the Swiss Alps. The track was scheduled to be introduced at the end of the 2158 AGL season, but its introduction was delayed after an incident caused by the simultaneous malfunction of two local weather tampering stations left the track in a permanent electrical storm. After an investigation into the incident, it was determined that it would take up to 5 months for the area’s weather to return to normal. Safety testing greenlit the track for competition, and it was announced that Surge would make its first appearance near the beginning of the upcoming 2159 season, rainstorm or not. While it seems to be a perfectly functional and safe circuit, the constant electrical interference makes live broadcasts from Surge very choppy.

Arrow Trivia

  • Surge was made and added to the game in the week leading to the game's version 1.0 release and was the first track made using the spline based layout creator
  • The weather tampering system was originally going to be a floating structure and the track would have taken place in thick storm clouds. Developing interesting scenery for this in the short time span proved a challenge so the track was grounded.