Survive as long as you can. You're always accelerating, can't slow down and increase in speed every few seconds.

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Survival ship.gif
The Barracuda Model S with low shield energy.
In Survival mode, the player attempts to survive for as long as possible as their ship automatically accelerates and prevents them from slowing down. The ship's top speed increases every few seconds and the game ends when the player depletes all of their shield energy from wall collisions. The default ship for this mode is the Barracuda Model S.

In Survival mode, all track and scenery textures are replaced with a color scheme that corresponds to the speed class the player is currently in. There are music visualizers on all billboards and the track surface.

Should the Barracuda Model S's energy fall below 26%, its lights will flash between white and red (as opposed to just glowing white).

SquareArrowMotif.png Speed Classes

  • Toxic (Zone 1)
  • Apex (Zone 10)
  • Halberd (Zone 20)
  • Spectre (Zone 25)
  • Zen (Zone 30)
  • Hyper Zen (Zone 40)
  • Mach 1.0 (Zone 80)
  • Mach 1.5 (Zone 90)
  • Mach 2.0 (Zone 100)
  • Mach 2.5 (Zone 110)
  • Mach 3.0 (Zone 120)
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