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Logo G-Tek.png
G-Tek is an Anti-Gravity R&D company that created the first Anti-Gravity device and created the AGL. The G-Tek R34 is an entry level ship with a low top speed but very good handling.

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Logo Wyvern.png
Wyvern is a large and long-standing British Vehicle manufacturer. Their MKII model has great top speed and maneuverability but below average acceleration and combat systems.

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Logo Hyperion.png
Hyperion is a world-renowned supercar manufacturer from Finland. Their Ilmatar is a defensive all-round craft, sporting high shielding, agility and top speed at the expense of acceleration and weapon power.

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Logo Scorpio.png
Scorpio is an Italian industrial engineering conglomerate. Their RS2100 sports strong shields and weapons combined with extremely fast acceleration. However, its top speed and maneuverability are poor.

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Logo Omnicom.png
Omnicom is a Chicago-based telecommunications company that owns a large portion of the global media. Omnicom’s Series 2 model is a well-balanced ship with relatively average performance in all areas.

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Logo Diavolt.png
Diavolt is a Russian arms manufacturer that began competing in the AGL after they were contracted to supply weapon systems to the league. Their Di-500 sports very strong weapons, shields and top speed but very slow handling and acceleration.

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Logo Nexus.png
Nexus is a pan-European Anti-Gravity Racing Team financially backed by the European Union. Their NTI-4 model has fast acceleration and the highest top-end speed in the AGL, but its handling and combat capability are very weak.

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Logo Tenrai.png
Tenrai is a Japanese Anti-Gravity Racing Team that opposes the use of weapons in racing. The Tenrai T1-X drops shielding and weapon power in favor of handling, acceleration and speed.

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Logo Barracuda.png
Barracuda is a Korean industry and technology giant that decimated the AGL in 2154. Since leaving the AGL, they now run their own leagues for the Model A, Model B and Model C craft alongside the AGL.

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Logo Caliburn.png
Caliburn is a Brazilian Anti-Gravity Racing team that was a mainstay in the AGL until they were banned for using an illegal stabilization system. The Caliburn cr-1 has the best handling of any ship in the AGL but it is average in all other areas.

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Mtech logo.png
MTech is a medical research company and emergency vehicle manufacturer that has contributed to many large advancements in medicine. The MTech P1 uses a special AG Unit that reduces its effective gravity over jumps, allowing it to glide over uneven terrain unlike any other AGL craft.

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Logo Protonic.png
Protonic is a small Anti-Gravity Racing team and mechanic shop from Korea. Their AG4 is designed for drifting around corners and has very fast acceleration, but it is below average in every other staistic.

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Logo Lance Systems.png
Lance Systems is an Australian aircraft manufacturer and virtual simulation designer. Their Precision Delta prototype is designed with maximum cornering in mind, trading speed, acceleration, and combat capability for excellent agility.

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Logo Orbitronix.png
Orbitronix is a German spacefaring technology manufacturer heavily involved in the construction of the AGL's offworld circuits. The Orbitronix TRX-22 uses a scaled-down version of one of their shuttle engines, giving it a high top speed but poor acceleration and handling.