SquareArrowMotif.png tremor
Icon Quake.png
SquareArrowMotif.png details
SquareArrowMotif.png weapon type disruptive
SquareArrowMotif.png available for everyone
SquareArrowMotif.png game modes Race
SquareArrowMotif.png weapon damage
SquareArrowMotif.png base damage 0.7% shield
SquareArrowMotif.png weapon slowdown
SquareArrowMotif.png engine force 8%
SquareArrowMotif.png engine power N/A
SquareArrowMotif.png acceleration N/A
SquareArrowMotif.png velocity N/A
SquareArrowMotif.png extra information
SquareArrowMotif.png eliminator pts 3.5
SquareArrowMotif.png pickup rate 30
SquareArrowMotif.png weapon showcase
SquareArrowMotif.png weapon overview
The Tremor pickup launches an energy wave down the track, raising the floor and launching any opposing craft into the air upon contact, slowing them down in the process.

SquareArrowMotif.png weapon description

The Tremor is a Pickup that when activated launches a wave that follows the track, raising the floor, slowing and launching other craft into the air, while damaging them upon contact. Its strong slowdown and long range make it an effective gap closer.

SquareArrowMotif.png weapon history

SquareArrowMotif.png weapon trivia

The Tremor can be fired backwards if the users craft is pointing backwards on the track

SquareArrowMotif.png weapon gallery

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