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Arrow turbo
Icon Turbo.png
Arrow details
Arrow weapon type defensive
Arrow available for player only
Arrow game modes Race
Speed Lap
Arrow weapon damage
Arrow base damage N/A
Arrow weapon slowdown
Arrow engine force N/A
Arrow engine power N/A
Arrow acceleration N/A
Arrow velocity N/A
Arrow extra information
Arrow eliminator pts N/A
Arrow pickup rate 100
Arrow weapon showcase
Arrow weapon overview
When used, the turbo will grant its user a quick burst of speed.

Arrow weapon description

The Turbo is a Pickup that upon activation grants its user a sudden burst of speed, launching them into the direction the crafts nose is pointing towards. The Turbo´s ability to launch vertically make it ideal for cutting track sections.

Arrow weapon history

Arrow weapon trivia

The Turbo pickup generally only appears in events in which Hyperthrust is unavailable. Speed Lap, Rush Hour and Races done in 2280 mode being primary examples.

As of Version 1.2.4 Turbo can be enabled as a pickup in Multiplayer lobbys.

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