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{{Infobox Track|TRACKNAME=underpass|DIFFICULTY=medium|LOCATION=shanghai, china|FORWARDCONDITIONS=dusk, clear|REVERSECONDITIONS=N/A|IMAGE=Render_Underpass.png}}
{{Infobox Track|TRACKNAME=underpass|DIFFICULTY=medium|LOCATION=shanghai, china|FORWARDCONDITIONS=dusk, clear|REVERSECONDITIONS=night, clear|IMAGE=Render_Underpass.png}}

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Arrow underpass
Render Underpass.png
Arrow details
Arrow difficulty medium
Arrow location shanghai, china
Arrow forward conditions dusk, clear
Arrow reverse conditions night, clear
Arrow location screenshot
Overview Underpass.png
Arrow menu description
Running under a highway of grit and smog, Shanghai's industry sector has an all new emissions beast to fuel the darkness looming overhead.

Arrow Details

After the first tests of the Barracuda Model B on the Tokyo Bowl Oval ended in success, the Underpass circuit was designed to test how the experimental ship would perform on a more complicated layout. Snaking through Shanghai’s smoggy industry sector, this glorified test track paved the way for the construction of Lujiazui Park by proving that spectators will flock to see the Model B at full speed, even if it means sitting behind a soundproof energy barrier under a busy highway.