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Arrow difficulty medium
Arrow location glen canyon, utah
Arrow forward conditions midday, clear
Arrow reverse conditions night, clear
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Finally open for races, Utah Project's dam features a giant vertical drop leading into a technical circuit running through some of its water flow chambers.

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Boasting the most efficient hydroelectric power plant in the world, the Utah Dam project supplies power for nearly the entire state of Utah. Following the AGL’s explosion of popularity in the 2140’s, layouts for two race tracks were integrated into the plans for the dam and the city that was built next to it. While Utah Project was able to host AGL races as early as 2149, its sister track, Utah Dam, was repeatedly held up by construction delays and safety concerns until it finally was able to open half way through the 2158 season.

Arrow Trivia

  • Utah Dam's Maglock drop is visible from Utah Project. It was added in the 0.9 version of the track to foreshadow Utah Dam's post release addition to the game.