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Arrow difficulty easy
Arrow location vega city
Arrow forward conditions night, storm
Arrow reverse conditions evening, clear
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Blast through Vega City's central park, the ultimate hub for night life and AG fans alike.

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Vega City’s Central Park blurs the line between city park and entertainment district, featuring carefully manicured forests and walking paths interspersed by large buildings. Thanks to its vibrant nightlife and unique combination of natural and man-made scenery, the park is Vega City’s most famous feature. The park’s notoriety made it the AGL Commission’s first choice of track venue when land negotiations began with the Vega City’s government. While officials from the city were initially completely unwilling to sell any of the park’s land, additional funding from Omnicom convinced them to sell a small piece of land on the border between the park and its neighboring business sector. Because of the astronomical size of Omnicom’s offer, the newly constructed Vega Square circuit sits on one of the most expensive pieces of private land anywhere on Earth. While many local residents are upset that their city’s most pristine district is now bisected by a racetrack, their outcry has largely been drowned out by support from fans and sponsors.

Arrow Trivia

  • Vega Square is above Metro.