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The Wormhole pickup was introduced in version 0.4 and removed in version 0.6.3. It was only available to the player if they were in last place, and when activated it opened a teleporter in front of the player's ship, teleporting it ahead of first place. It was removed due to its unpopularity and an issue where players could teleport past the track's midline or finish line, forcing them to do an extra lap in order to finish.

Arrow The Wormhole Incident

Since its introduction at the beginning of the 2153 season, the Wormhole pickup was generally unpopular. Many fans and teams criticized its introduction, citing that it gave the user too much of an advantage by teleporting them ahead of the competition. This unpopularity came to a head in the Aciknovae round of the 2154 AGL Season, when Nexus pilot Lucas Duhamel activated a wormhole in an attempt to pass the midpack. The exit gate of Duhamel’s wormhole failed to open, causing his craft to completely disappear upon entering the portal. The race was stopped halfway through, and the incident raised extra alarm because the Pilot Ejection Systems fitted to all AGL craft used a similar wormhole generator. All AGL races were suspended while Ethereal Dynamics - the manufacturer of the wormhole generators used in the Wormhole pickup and Pilot Ejection Systems - investigated the incident to determine the problem. While the malfunction was identified and solved by Ethereal Dynamics’s researchers, they stated that there was no feasible way to recover Duhamel from his accident. He was presumed dead two weeks after his disappearance. However, just five hours later, a wormhole opened in the Icelandic countryside and Duhamel’s craft exited at 550km/h, embedding itself in a snowbank. Duhamel emerged from the craft confused but with no injuries and no memory of anything happening in the previous two weeks, as if only a few seconds had passed. While his return was met with worldwide relief and curiosity, the Wormhole pickup was removed from the AGL pickup roster due to its unpopularity and the controversy surrounding the incident. The Pilot Ejection Systems on AGL craft still use Ethereal Dynamics’s wormhole generators, and to date there have been no other issues with the technology. The Wormhole Incident stands as the only scar on the AGL’s otherwise-perfect safety record. Duhamel returned to Nexus as if nothing had happened, and retired from racing two years later.