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Arrow difficulty easy
Arrow location tibet
Arrow forward conditions midday, snow
Arrow reverse conditions night, snow
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Fully realized from its originally scrapped blueprints, this short and easy layout weaving through the mountains of Tibet makes for an excellent practice track.

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Situated amongst the frigid foothills of Mount Yala in Tibet, this simple track was designed using a layout that was proposed during the planning of Harpstone but rejected in favor of a more complex version. 14 years after Harpstone’s completion, the old blueprints of the prototype layout were acquired by an inconspicuous Tibetan construction firm, who proceeded to build Yala Outpost with a modified version of the plan. The track’s completion in 2159 has raised the question of why a company with no experience in racetrack construction would resurrect an outdated layout by building it in the middle of nowhere, though viewer numbers do show that the track is decently popular among fans.

Arrow Trivia

  • Yala Outpost's layout is a remake of the Harpstone easy route from version 0.5 of the game. You can download Radracer's restoration of that track here.