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Arrow difficulty hard
Arrow location zephyr wind farm, italy
Arrow forward conditions morning, fog
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A large wind farm wraps itself around the Alps at the heart of Zephyr. The chilly peak boasts a slowly climbing layout with an impressive view of the surrounding mountain ranges.

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Zephyr Climb zig-zags its way through the Zephyr Wind Farm, 2000 feet above its sister track, Zephyr Ridge. During the planning phase of Zephyr Ridge’s development, the Zephyr Wind Farm was considered as a possible location but it was dropped in favor of the business park at the base of the mountain. Following the positive reception of Zephyr Ridge’s completion, the decision was made to build a sister track using the plans from before.

Arrow Trivia

  • The layout and scenery of Zephyr Climb are based on an old unfinished version of Zephyr Ridge.