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Arrow difficulty easy
Arrow location zephyr business park, italy
Arrow forward conditions midday, clear
Arrow reverse conditions evening, snow
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Cut from the vibrant cloth of the idyllic Italian business park of Zephyr, this quiet alpine region houses many small outlets for both business and leisure at its base.

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Located in the affluent Zephyr Business Park which houses the headquarters of Scorpio Engineering, Zephyr Ridge was constructed following Scorpio’s decision to enter the AGL in 2157. It was built to serve as Scorpio's home track and Italy's entry into the AGL. A year later, its sister track Zephyr Climb was completed, 2000 feet further up the mountain.

Arrow Trivia

  • The original Zephyr Ridge layout was created by a community member named Moo. While this layout ended up being scrapped, it would later go on to be reversed a re-used for Marina Rush.